Traditional Dish Tuesdays


Treat Yourself to a Taste of Tradition with Traditional Dish Tuesdays – Home to Mouthwatering F Cookes Pie ‘n’ Mash, Fish and chips, with Fresh Seafood!

Pie and mash traditional dish


Single Pie ‘n’ Mash £10.50
(includes gravy or liquor)

Double Pie ‘n’ Mash £16.00
(includes gravy or liquor)

Extra Pie £5.50

Extra Mash £2.65

Extra Liquor £2.65

Jellied Eels

With stone baked bread £12.00



F Cookes Pie and Mash

Our Pie and mash are supplied by the F. Cooke

Robert Frederick Cooke opened a small premises in Sclater Street, off of Brick Lane in 1862 selling eel pies, mash and parsley sauce. Eels were a cheap fish prevalent In the River Thames in the late 1800s. Eels became scarce due to river pollution as eels only thrive In clean lakes and rivers. As an alternative, using a contact in Smithfield Market, Great Uncle Bob introduced mincemeat into the pies – and Pie and Mash as we know it today was bom. The business outgrew this small shop and his son Frederick Robert Cooke opened a larger and grander shop in Dalston E8, F. Cooke. Fred’s son Frederick and his two grandsons Fred and Chris continued to run the family business, trading out of here until it’s closure In 1997.

F.Cooke are the original and longest surviving family purveyors of Pie and Mash. Now over 160 year, later, 5th generation Fred Cooke brings Pie and Mash to The White Hart – using the ingredients of the original recipe passed down through the generations to produce authentic Pie and Mash.

Large Platter


Rollmops, Cockles, Fresh water prawns, King Prawns, Fries, Stonebaked Bread & Butter, Mayo & Seafood Sauce

Fish and Chips Traditional dish


Beer-Battered Haddock, chunky chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce & lemon



Scampi & Chips £15.50

Shell-on King Prawns in Garlic Butter with Stone Baked Bread £11.00

Holmes Cockles £5.50

5 King Prawns (in shell) £8.00

2 Orkney Rollmops £8.00

Breaded Whitebait £8.50

Arctic Royal Cold Water Prawns £6.00

Dressed Crab


All served with leaf & fries

Houghton Ham & Cheddar Cheese £12.00

Mozzarella & Pesto £10.00

Seafood Mix £14.50


Fries £4.50

Stone baked bread & butter £3.00

Coleslaw £1.50


All served with skinny fries, mixed salad & a choice of peppercorn sauce, teriyaki sauce, or melted garlic & herb butter

5oz Bavette Steak, marinated & grilled dry-aged beef, sliced against the grain to ensure each slice is tender and delicious – £19.00 (served pink or well done) (gf)

Salmon Fillet, roasted in herbs and smoked paprika, and finished with butter & lemon – £18.00 (gf)

Chicken Supreme, roasted skin-on chicken breast, cooked on the bone with garlic, rosemary & thyme – £18.00 (gf)

Mediterranean Veg, grilled aubergine, courgette & bell peppers, seasoned with a touch of chilli salt – £16.00 (gf) (v)

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