The Ongar Girls World Challenge is two local girls Ellie-Mae Maguire and Sofia Negri. They are in need of your help and support!

They want help as local students with an important World Challenge they have taken on. The girls will help another community a long way from here.

Both girls are 17 year old students from Ongar who have signed up for a World Challenge. It will lead to a three week educational expedition to Malaysia and Borneo in July 2019. The most important part of the trip is to get involved in a community project supporting local life in as many ways as possible. Rebuilding or constructing homes, school or medical centres, teaching the local children English and informing them about wildlife protection and the dangers of poachers.

Raising Money

They have to raise the £8,000 cost of the expedition themselves and plan / budget the journey. It will including the travel arrangements, accommodation, food and any equipment we will need to help with the community project.

Whilst in Malaysia and Borneo they will take part in a trek through different terrains. This challenge will help them learn skills that they will take into later life and employment – not just from the trip itself but the fund-raising and planning over the next year in order to make the trip happen.

They realise that you may receive many requests and that you cannot support every local project. However they would be very grateful for any help or support you could give them towards reaching our target. This could be a small donation to sponsor our visit via our Just Giving page or by donation of goods or vouchers that we could use in our fund raising activity over the next few months.

By way of thanks they would of course be happy to give credit/mention/advertise your company in any media stories or other publicity they produce. Ellie-Mae and Sofia would also be happy to come and tell you about the challenge when we have completed it. Thank you for taking the time to read about their challenge. They hope you will feel able to support them in some way.


Ellie-Mae Maguire & Sofia Negri have two events at The White Hart Moreton, to date.

A Quiz Evening Thursday 11th October  & A Christmas Ladies Lunch Saturday 8th December.

To contact the girls you can find them on facebook @Ongargirlsworldchallenge, Instagram @ogworldchallenge or email them on

We would love to see you at one of there events, If you cannot donate money or a gift as a price please simply show your support in liking there social media.