Our NEW guest ales are:

East Street (4.2%)

East Street by Bishop Nick” This beer is all about the hops, Cascade and Crystal to be precise. Thirst quenching citrus flavours dominate the palate, floral and fruity aromas tease the nose whilst speciality extra pale malt gives this brew a sunny radiance. Perkier than a newborn spring lamb, this fella is named in tribute to where they brew it 33 East Street, Braintree, Essex. 





Bombardier ‘Glorious English’ (4.1%)

“Damned tasty, rich and fruity beer”

Bombardier is brewed using the finest British hops and fresh mineral water from the eagle Brewery well. A fruity aroma and rich malty taste provides a crisp, mouth-watering beer. Bombardier is a beer for those who embrace their independent spirit and march to their own drum.